Why customized premium gifts are perfect for every occasion

Gift giving is a time-honored tradition.  Regardless of culture, age, or occasion, it remains one of the most effective ways to show someone that you care.  

Like anything that comes from the heart, gift giving requires effort.  Yet, finding the time to handpick a meaningful gift is hard when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities.  This leads many of us to turn to convenient, readymade options – gift cards, branded merchandise, and mass-produced products.  The recipient may appreciate these gifts regardless, but they aren’t the best expression of our intentions.

Our mission at Soniva is to take a more nuanced and thoughtful approach to gift giving.

We’ve built a personalized and seamless online platform where we help you craft unique, dynamic gifting experiences for others.  We know that gift giving is about intention – the focus isn’t just on the gift itself but also what it symbolizes for the recipient.  Whether you’re offering a small token of appreciation or celebrating a major milestone, it matters that the recipient feels appreciated and understood.

The gift you give should reflect the magnitude of the moment as well as the time, thought, and care you’ve invested in finding the perfect item.  Through intentional gift giving, you can ensure that your chosen gift has meaning and that it helps the recipient feel seen, heard, and honored.

How to put intentional gift giving into practice

Intentional gift giving requires focus on three key factors:

Choose the right occasion

In this case, “right” doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a wrong time to celebrate.  It simply means that you should choose an occasion that holds significance for the recipient.  The occasion could be a more common event, like a birthday, anniversary, a new job or promotion, a birth, or a graduation.  You can also offer thanks or condolences, or you can reach out “just because”.

Or perhaps there’s a more unique accomplishment to commemorate, like the founding of a new business, a clean bill of health, or the last payment on a student loan.

In short, there’s never a bad time to give a thoughtful gift.  In fact, the ideal gift – one that’s selected with purpose – can make any moment memorable.

Center the recipient

By moving away from mass-produced products, you have an opportunity to customize your selection to the interests and passions of the recipient.  Before you make a purchase, take some time to think about the recipient’s defining characteristics (and maybe jot them down on a notepad).

What makes them smile or gets them excited?  What products or foods grab their attention?  What items do they use often?

Your ultimate objective is to choose a gift that evokes a strong emotional response.  The more personalized the gift, the stronger the impact.

Customize the gift

Once you’ve selected the occasion and identified what your recipient likes, it’s time to choose the gift.  The gift itself is the truest, most dynamic representation of your intention – this is where it all comes together.

Soniva offers artisanal gifts that are lovingly handcrafted, from the highest-quality materials and across a wide range of categories (e.g., wellness, food & beverage, personal care, home goods, etc.).  

Additionally, we know that the experience begins as soon as the gift is received.  Thus, our gifts are packaged in beautiful, premium keepsake boxes and trimmings to showcase the attention paid to detail and creativity.  There’s also a personal note card, which serves as a heartfelt finishing touch.

To get started, choose from our pre-design gift collection or design your own gift box.  Regardless of what you select, you’ll leave your recipient awestruck and remind them of all that intentional gift giving can achieve.

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