About us

Who we are

Soniva is a Bermuda-based boutique gifting company offering high-quality, thoughtful, well-considered gifts for individuals and corporate companies. 

Our name comes from the traditional Scandinavian name Sunniva. The Old English version, Sunnigfu, is comprised of two words – sunna/sunne, which translates to “sun”, and giefu/giefan, which translates to “gift” or “to give”.  Thus, the name Sunniva means “gift of the sun”, or more simply, “sun gift”. 

Though we’ve adopted a modern spelling, Soniva, we’ve fully embraced the essence of the original, and we feel that the phrase “sun gift” perfectly encapsulates the transformative power of gift giving.

What we do

Soniva offers our customers a seamless online shopping platform with a diverse catalog of thoughtfully curated, pre-assembled gift boxes.  All of our selections are exquisitely packaged with artisanal crafts, fair trade and small-batch goods, unique gifts, and thoughtful touches that effortlessly embody love and sincerity.  Each item has been handmade by skilled craftspeople abroad and right here in Bermuda.

We also offer customers the option of customizing their own packages, and we inject the same amount of care and attention into corporate gifting to help companies make a meaningful impact on colleagues, clients, and business partners.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to help customers curate thoughtful, well-considered gifts that not only mark special occasions but also cultivate deeper connections, inspire unforgettable moments, and make recipients feel seen, heard, and honored.  Our vision is to reimagine gifting through personalization, intentionality, and true beauty.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Gift without guilt. Soniva exclusively offers products that are sustainable and ethically sourced, enabling you to give without expanding your footprint. We also offer several thoughtfully selected, eco-conscious gift parcels, including reusable furoshiki gift wrapping, 100% recycled tuck boxes, and small-batch woven baskets.

Gifts that Give Back

At Soniva, we empower local artisans by celebrating their skills and connecting customers with their one-of-a-kind creations. Every purchase supports economic security and development in Bermuda and around the world, including countries Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Colombia.