Personalized note cards are finishing touches that resonate

When it comes to gift-giving, the intention behind the gift and its quality are two of the most important factors.  But smaller details can also contribute to a gift’s power – intricately tied ribbon, eco-friendly packaging, seamless delivery, and so on.  One such finishing touch that’s often overlooked is the note card.

The note card is quite unique – it’s always there, regardless of the type or size of the gift, the occasion, or the recipient.  No two intentional gifts are the same, yet every gift giver has the same opportunity to fill out a note card.  You’d be forgiven for thinking the note card’s content is insignificant. The recipient’s attention will be consumed by the gift itself, and it may seem their impression of that gift won’t be swayed at all by the card, whether it’s thoughtful and intimate or simple and succinct.

However, the note card presents an opportunity to customize an intentional gift even more.  It could be a space to recall an emotional memory, commemorate a special moment, or quote a poem or literary work.  And at Soniva, every personalized note card message is handwritten, making the present even more personal.  

Left empty, the note card is little more than cardstock that indicates who a gift is for.  But filled with a considerate, reflective message, it can become the highlight of a recipient’s gifting experience.  After all, words alone can make more of an impact than we know.  “I leave my words and thoughts to those who love the things I do,” wrote Edwina Reizer, in her poem “Gift Giving”.  Indeed, in leaving your words, you “Give from your heart/Give of yourself/Give to show that you care,” as written in the poem “The Gift of Giving” by Frank Sonnenberg.

These poets’ thoughtful words indicate what can be achieved in gifting our words in a note card, but the eloquence of their writing can also inspire you to craft your own similarly resonant message.

How to compose the perfect message

In writing the perfect message for your note card, try not to view its composition as a challenge.  Instead, see the card as a space to get creative and speak honestly.  Keep the following guidelines in mind as you write:

  1. Think about the purpose of the gift and build your message around it.  For example, if you’re sending a collection of wellness products to a friend, let them know your intent – “I hope you can use these items to relax after a long workday.”
  2. Speak to the time of year or occasion.  During the holidays, you could mention that it’s a festive time, and your gift is intended to add some seasonal cheer to the recipient’s day.
  3. Convey the appropriate emotion.  Let’s say you’re sending a basket to show a friend that you’re thinking of them, even though you haven’t seen one another in many months.  In the card, you could write, “Sending you a surprise to let you know I’m thinking of you.”
  4. If you can’t find the words, use the words of others.  Poems, like the ones referenced above, can give us the language we need when we can’t produce it on our own.  Choose a passage that moves you or the recipient.  Or, try finding an all-occasion poem that meets the moment.
  5. Use the space wisely.  A note card can only hold so many words.  Thus, it’s important to craft a brief message that communicates what you want to say in just a few lines.

Note cards may not necessarily make or break a gift if they’re left blank, but if they’re tended to with care and intent, they can elevate an already-outstanding gift to a new level. 

All Soniva gifts come with a handwritten note card that includes a message crafted by you, the giver. 

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